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RICO Indictment of NECC Executives for Acts of Second-Degree Murder January 26, 2015 Michele L. Adelman, Daniel J. Procaccini Business Crimes Perspectives
FDA Issues Draft Guidance on General Wellness Products January 23, 2015 Colin J. Zick, Paul T. Kim, Igor Gorlach Life Sciences Alert
FDA Issues Draft Guidance on Medical Device Accessories January 23, 2015 Colin J. Zick, Paul T. Kim, Igor Gorlach Life Sciences Alert
Supreme Court Calls for Greater Deference to District Court Claim Construction January 22, 2015 Donald R. Ware, Barbara A. Fiacco, Jeremy A. Younkin, Stacy Anderson Intellectual Property Alert
Delaware Chancery Court Concludes Indemnification and Other Provisions of a Merger Agreement Are Not Enforceable Against Non-Consenting Stockholders January 20, 2015 John D. Hancock, Peter M. Rosenblum, Joseph J. Basile M&A Alert
Important Deadlines and Reminders for Investment Advisers, Exempt Reporting Advisers, Commodity Trading Advisors and Commodity Pool Operators January 16, 2015 Meredith A. Haviland, Robert G. Sawyer, Jeffrey D. Collins The Foley Adviser
Product Liability Update January 15, 2015 David R. Geiger, Creighton K. Page Product Liability Update
New Parental Leave Law Expands the Massachusetts Maternity Leave Act January 9, 2015 Robert A. Fisher, Lyndsey M. Kruzer, Rebecca Sivitz Labor and Employment Alert
SEC Proposes New Exchange Act Registration Thresholds and Changes to Certain “Held of Record” Definitions January 7, 2015 Dean F. Hanley, Paul Bork, Jonathan S. Romiti Securities Alert
Second Circuit Issues Landmark Decision Limiting Insider Trading Liability of "Remote Tippees" December 19, 2014 Matthew C. Baltay, Paul Bork, Dean F. Hanley Securities Alert

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