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IRS Issues Favorable PLR Allowing an Individual Panel Owner in an Offsite, Net-Metered Community-Shared Solar Project to Claim the Section 25D Tax Credit September 1, 2015 Nicola Lemay, Adam Wade Energy and Cleantech Alert
D.C. Circuit Court Re-Affirms Decision that Portions of SEC’s Conflict Minerals Rules are Unconstitutional August 31, 2015 Paul Bork, Dean F. Hanley, Anderson Chang Securities Alert
National Labor Relations Board Issues Controversial Decision Regarding Who is A Joint Employer August 28, 2015 Robert A. Fisher Labor and Employment Alert
Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) Form BE-10 August 31, 2015 Deadline Approaching August 25, 2015 Catherine M. Anderson, Jeffrey D. Collins, Michael N. Glanz The Foley Adviser
Federal Circuit’s En Banc Suprema Ruling Confirms the ITC’s Authority to Exclude Imported Goods Used to Directly Infringe in the United States August 18, 2015 Claire Laporte, Jeremy A. Younkin Intellectual Property Alert
U.K. Modern Slavery Act: New Disclosure Requirements for Companies Operating in the United Kingdom August 18, 2015 Sarah A. Altschuller Corporate Social Responsibility
Federal Circuit Expands Scope of Liability for Divided Infringement August 17, 2015 Donald R. Ware, Marco J. Quina, Hathaway Pease Russell, Sarah S. Burg Intellectual Property Alert
SEC Adopts Pay Ratio Disclosure Rule August 17, 2015 Dean F. Hanley, Paul Bork Securities Alert
Trinity Wall Street v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. − “Lawyers, Guns and Money” August 12, 2015 Dean F. Hanley, Paul Bork, Jennifer Audeh, Gabrielle A. Bernstein Securities Alert
Venture Perspectives: Fourth Quarter 2014 August 7, 2015 Matthew S. Eckert, Jonathan S. Romiti, Sara Mattern, Jeremy Arak Venture Perspectives

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