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EEOC Revises Proposed Rule on Pay Data Collection July 18, 2016 Jonathan A. Keselenko, Christopher Feudo Labor and Employment Alert
NLRB Ruling Makes It Easier to Organize Temporary Workers July 14, 2016 Jonathan A. Keselenko, Christopher Feudo, Justin Marble Labor and Employment Alert
En Banc Federal Circuit Clarifies Application of On-Sale Bar to Contract Manufacturing July 12, 2016 Donald R. Ware, Jeremy A. Younkin Intellectual Property Alert
SEC Proposes Rule Requiring Investment Advisers to Adopt Business Continuity and Transition Plans July 12, 2016 Catherine M. Anderson, Kate Leonard The Foley Adviser
Federal Circuit Offers Path Through Section 101 Thicket for Biotech Method Patents July 8, 2016 Barbara A. Fiacco, Brendan Jones, Ph.D. Intellectual Property Alert
SEC Increases Performance Fee Thresholds July 8, 2016 Jeffrey D. Collins, Robert G. Sawyer The Foley Adviser
Federal Circuit Invites FDA's Early Licensure of Biosimilars to Encourage Pre-Launch Resolution of Patent Disputes July 6, 2016 Donald R. Ware, Barbara A. Fiacco Life Sciences Alert
Oncology Care Model July 1, 2016 Brian P. Carey, Michael D. Miller, M.D. Healthcare Alert
Late Fee for NFA Forms PQR and PR Filings Effective Starting September 30, 2016 June 30, 2016 Tiffany Ann Ford, Kate Leonard The Foley Adviser
PAMA Final Rule June 30, 2016 Thomas Barker, Brian P. Carey Healthcare Alert