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Massachusetts Attorney General Issues Proposed Regulations Regarding Earned Sick Time Law April 27, 2015 Robert A. Fisher, Lyndsey M. Kruzer Labor and Employment Alert
Massachusetts SJC Rules that Taxicab Drivers Are Independent Contractors Under the Wage Act April 23, 2015 Robert A. Fisher, Allison Anderson, Lyndsey M. Kruzer Labor and Employment Alert
Venture Perspectives: Third Quarter 2014 April 21, 2015 Matthew S. Eckert, Jonathan S. Romiti, Sara Mattern, Jeremy Arak Venture Perspectives
FATCA: Upcoming Compliance Deadlines for Non-U.S. Financial Institutions April 16, 2015 Christopher R. K. Cawley The Foley Adviser
Third Circuit Lets Wal-Mart Exclude Firearms Proposal Under the “Ordinary Business Operations” Exception April 15, 2015 Dean F. Hanley, Paul Bork Securities Alert
Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Clarifies the Lawfulness of No Tipping Policies April 10, 2015 Robert A. Fisher, Matthew C. Steinberg Labor and Employment Alert
Product Liability Update April 7, 2015 David R. Geiger, Creighton K. Page Product Liability Update
Now's the Time to Review Your OFAC Compliance Program April 7, 2015 Gwendolyn Wilber Jaramillo, Colin J. Zick, Michael N. Glanz, Shrutih V. Tewarie International Trade Sanctions Alert
SEC Charges KBR, Inc. with Using a Confidentiality Agreement that Could "Chill" Whistleblowing April 6, 2015 Daniel Marx, Paul Bork, Lyndsey M. Kruzer Securities Enforcement Alert
Supreme Court Decides Omnicare April 6, 2015 Paul Bork, Dean F. Hanley, Kate Leonard Securities Alert

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