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Changes on the Horizon? IRS Announces New Plans to Recharacterize Management Fee Waiver Arrangements July 31, 2015 Nicola Lemay, Earl W. Mellott, Christopher R. K. Cawley, Abigail Wolf Taxation Alert
Product Liability Update July 29, 2015 David R. Geiger, Creighton K. Page Product Liability Update
A Fractured Federal Circuit Panel Interprets The Biosimilars Patent Resolution Procedures July 24, 2015 Donald R. Ware, Barbara A. Fiacco Intellectual Property Alert
Opportunity, Uncertainty for Entities Wishing to Do Business with Iran July 17, 2015 Gwendolyn Wilber Jaramillo, Shrutih V. Tewarie Trade Sanctions and Export Controls Alert
U.S. Department of Labor Issues Administrator’s Interpretation on Independent Contractors July 16, 2015 Jonathan A. Keselenko Labor and Employment Alert
Department of Labor Proposes New Regulations Regarding “White Collar” Exemptions Under the Fair Labor Standards Act July 1, 2015 Jonathan A. Keselenko, Matthew C. Steinberg Labor and Employment Alert
SEC Division of Investment Management Issues Guidance on Personal Trade Reporting of Accounts Over Which Reporting Persons Have No Influence or Control June 30, 2015 Robert G. Sawyer, Jeffrey D. Collins, Lauren Tran The Foley Adviser
How Not to Get Snared in Brulotte’s Web June 29, 2015 Donald R. Ware, Marco J. Quina Intellectual Property Alert
Office of the Attorney General Issues Final Regulations on the Massachusetts Earned Sick Time Law June 23, 2015 Robert A. Fisher Labor and Employment Alert
Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) Form BE-10: Industry Concern Voiced and Extension Updates June 12, 2015 Catherine M. Anderson, Jeffrey D. Collins, Michael N. Glanz The Foley Adviser

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